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    Mission Statement:
    It happened more than once that a fellow kidney patient related that he had experienced a similar problem than the one I was complaining about.
    As it turned out he pointed out the problem, defined it very professionally and even told me what had to be done.
    I had described the same symptoms to the Doctors yet they insisted on making a handful of (useless, difficult, annoying, painful…) tests and still didn't pin-point the problem, let alone suggested any treatment or solutions.

    The purpose of the site among others, is to chat and communicate between us dialysis and (pre or post) transplant patients.
    Sharing and answering questions on the basis of mutual experiences, knowledge and most of all understanding can be uplifting, reassuring and at times could even lead to a radical (positive)change in someone's life!
    So please don't be silent any longer help the unfortunate newcomers, let them know there's hope, remember your problems and be there if anyone needs a (virtual) shoulder to lean on.

    We understand better that well meaning friends and relatives because we know. Let's offer our shoulders, support others and do even more!

    What you will find on this site:

    *General Info: Information about the disease, treatments, diets and more
    *Ask Advice/Tell your story: The Forum
    *Hashgacha Pratis: Amazing stories of Divine Providence as related by patients and their family
    *Join: This website could need your help
    *Tehillim/Psalms :Prayers on behalf of patients
    *Halachic Questions: Jewish law and Medicine
    *Guestbook: Words of encouragement are appreciated

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