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Immediate risks include:
  • shock
  • emotional distress
  • infection
  • electrolyte imbalance

Long term risks include:

  • anemia
  • hypotension
  • growth retardation
  • neurologic complications
  • pericarditis
  • osteodystrophy
  • severe psychological problems
  • peritonitis (for peritoneal dialysis):
    -An acute or chronic inflammation of the peritoneum that occurs in people receiving peritoneal dialysis
    -The cause of dialysis-associated peritonitis may be the introduction of bacteria into the peritoneum by the dialysis procedure. Risk factors include renal failure requiring peritoneal dialysis. Pneumococci and staphylococci are the most common organisms
    .-Careful technique when performing peritoneal dialysis may reduce the risk of inadvertently introducing bacteria during the procedure. Some cases are not preventable.
    a)abdominal tenderness
    b)distended abdomen
    c)nausea and vomiting
    d)cloudy dialysis fluid


I myself have used both dialysis systems,hemo and peritoneal.
From my personnel point of view the peritoneal is much more easy to live with.Of course I realise it's not always evident and possible for everyone because you're in charge of everything,you must take all the responsibilities involved and once you have connected to the machine you lose your independence in more than one way,and some patients simply don't react well to the peritoneal.
B'aruch H'ashem(thank G-D)I am blesses with two devoted parents who took a large part of the burden on them,and my sisters have been very helpful and supportive *as well.

But if peritoneal is an option think of all the advantages peritoneal dialysis offers.
a)You can work/attend school full time every day.
b)The diet especially concerning consumption of fluid is less restricted
c)if you live far from the dialysis center(like I do)you spend much less time getting stuck in traffic lines:)
d)Well I feel like life is a whole lot easyer especially remembering the way I felt sometimes after hemodialysis.
e)Well although it's 100 % ok,on Yom Toivim you don't have to drive to the Hemodialysis Center.

I would love to hear your comments on the question,please address your responses and comments in the forum.
(*I'm so used to call my sisters with "bring me this,bring me that etc...,"that out of habit I still give out some orders sometimes and as a result get the,delightful to hear, response"you can get it yourself now".)



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