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Before you surf around let me rapidly introduce myself.My name is Raphael and I just went through my second kidney transplantation and " (Thank G-D) I'm fine now and the Doctors as well as myself are very optimistic for the future and "(With G-D'S help) I will be able to restart my normal activities in a short while.

While I was staying at the hospital after the surgery,to my great sorrow I noticed that two other Jewish people were staying in the same department I was,they weren't here for a transplantation(which is technically"a good thing")but unfortunately for treatment of a particular problem that was/is kidney-related( which is usually not "a good thing).

That made me thinking,realizing that if in Belgium,this tiny little country with it's relatively small Jewish population,there are several people of the community with kidney problems,than chances are that in America and Israel(and Canada,the U.K.,Australia and many other countries) there are many more Jewish young and older people who have and had kidney problems and transplantations.
I thought that this web site might be an excellent way to unite our knowledge,experiences and especially to collect stories of Hashgacha Pratis(obvious Divine intervention/open miracles) that some of us may have witnessed.

Non-Jewish (ex-)patients are of course very welcome as well to share their experiences,or ask for advice to some people out there who have plenty to give from their own experiences,or to act as one of the operators on this web site.The more people I can enroll to help,the more frightened and confused patients we'll be able to assist and help.

This web site's main aim is to offer reassurance and possible advice to people who still have to go through the hardest and toughest parts of the sometimes long and painful process a kidney problem patient,dialysis patient or even post-transplant patient can experience.Talking to people who went through situations I was going to have to face,always had a positive effect.It made me more confident seeing that they had managed to beat the problem,to see that the situation or the problem was definitely not hopeless or just for once to be UNDERSTOOD!!!!.
I believe that is often the keyword that misses even in the most supportive families.They simply don't understand the effect a long term,or even short term problem like that can have on (young) boys/girls.Of course I'm aware that for adults it might even be more difficult and frustrating,because they have many more responsibilities than young people,but I emphasize youngsters,because I believe (I may be wrong) that at a young and fragile age somehow the unfairness of it all feels much stronger.

Well on this web site "(with G-D'S help) and with a little Hatslocho(success) there will be people ready to listen and to understand,I guess the forum would be ideal for that purpose.

I really encourage people with some experience in this field to contact me and to operate as a "listener" to everyone who needs it.It's not a full time job,you don't even have to log in every day ,just check the forum form time to time and see if there's anyone you may be able to help
One more goal I would like to accomplish with this web site is preparing new patients with all kinds of potential Halachic(the Jewish law) problems that may and probably will arise sooner or later.
I know that I sure had a lot of Sheilos(questions),that at a particular moment I had no one to ask the ruling to(especially while on peritoneal dialysis) ,so I abstained from some privileges that turned out to be Moetar(permitted),or vice-versa.

So if you ever had an Halachic(the Jewish law) dilemma while on peritoneal dialysis,hemo dialysis
or in any other instance,be so kind to share them and I'll post them on the web site.
Please don't expect rulings and decisions on this web site for this is definitely not the point,a competent Rav(Halachic Authority,comparable to a judge) should be consulted.
Rather trough this web site you'll be helped to anticipate some unavoidable Halachic(Jewish law)questions that will arise.

I also would like to create a Tehillim(Jewish Psalms written mostly by King David) list on which people can add their name in case there are planned to undergo sensitive surgery,difficult treatment or simply need a Yeshouah(redemption).I'd rather have the list empty at all times,thus concluding that no one is in need,but unfortunately until the coming of Mashiach(The redeemer of the Jewish people),may he come speedily in our days,that seems very unrealistic.
So I will need volunteers who'll take upon themselves to check the list and recite Tehillim for the names listed on a regular basis.

I hope that "(with G-D'S help) this web site will receive positive reactions and I count on you,ex-patients and patients to help me here!!