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Here you will a selection of web sites I came across during my long period of surfing around for worthwhile web sites,they are definitely not all related to Kidney/Transplant stuff,however I feel they may be of interest to many visitors.Please note that since all the web sites update their pages,I cannot be held responsible in anyway for their content!!!

Hopefully you'll find a few web sites here that you will like and I'm always on the look for more web sites,especially related to Kidney stuff,because I didn't find many of those that I deemed very interesting.So if you have one(no matter in what language!!!) PLEASE

Indispensable site,is updated very frequently and offers news,great columns,various mailinglists and tons of other features of interest.
If you you need a good site for young children Akhlah is a must.It offers stories,Parshah information and many features for learning while having fun!
Chabad in cyberspace:Weekly updates with stories,insights,news,and features.Highly recommended.
bbbbb Top website I know,their articles(and there are many of 'em) are out of this world,insightful,meaningful and inspiring.Further they offer an amazing view of the Koisel  24h a site
For people who like to follow the news closely.Make sure to catch Rebbetzin Jungreis' column.
Amazing site,everything of interest to Judaism can be found here!!
Amazing french site,every topic of interest appears,definitely worth a visit if you even vaguely understand French
Another must see,great columns and articles for the English speaking publuc

It seems almost to good to be true but this site enjoys a good reputation,so I guess your clicks actually help.
Jewish Tzedakka(charity)organisation online,I cannot guarantee the validity of the claims on their web site!!
A whole lot of pages where you can donate(free of charge)to several worthwhile causes

The Parts & Workings Of The Human Kidney very well illustrated

all about transplantation and donation
The Worldwide Kidney Disease Community 
Be Informed, Take Good Care, Stay Upbeat! 
Patients  Physicians  Dietitians  Nurses  Social Workers  Technicians  Pharmacists  Family
Covers alot of useful info about Kidneys and dialysis

Transplant Coordinator

May you Im Yirtsei H'ashem never need this site,still is interesting enough for a visit
To Educate and Assist in the Prevention, Relief, Healing, & Rehabilitation of
Everything about the H'eimishe Jewish community from Antwerp(Belgium)
HIGHLY RECOMMANDED!!About Judaism offers interesting and informative articles on everything from
Jewish holidays to current events, a well-researched and annotated list of
recommended Web sites on a variety of Jewish topics, a vibrant discussion
forum including an Ask the Rabbi section, and a friendly chat room.
Fighting unjustified media bias against Israel
Very important site for Jewish Businessman
Collection of the most important Jewish sites around
comprehensive guide to chesed organizations
A T.I.M.E., an acronym for A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange, is a non-profit organization devoted to the support of infertile couples and to the education of the community so that they can best help their loved ones who are experiencing infertility.


I find that series one of the most enjoyable that exist.It's plain brilliant!
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