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If this web site ought to be fully functional I will desperately need help
That is how I came with the idea to have this site operated by
several people and not only by myself.If you would like to volunteer as an
operator please look at the kind of people I need,and
see if you meet the necessary criteria.If you feel you
could offer something that is not listed,you're more than welcome to
propose your services.Someone who thinks he can handle several tasks at once,
is welcome to volunteer for more than one job.But please take note
that if you do volunteer,it would really help if you undertook
the job with commitment.If you think you do not have enough
time or won't be able to do your job with regularity,
than it's better if you helped in ways where no commitment is required.



A)An ex-Kidney or Transplant Patient or a Patient with some experience
Your job will consist of regularly visiting the Forum,and see if you can answer questions asked by patients,or if you can offer some advice from your own experience.The wonderful thing about the Forum is that it is self-operating,meaning that you do not have to go through me to do your job.
That's pretty much it.However if you decide to volunteer I will expect you to visit the forum at least once a week.

Tehillim Volunteers

C)A Doctor/Physician or someone with a lot of technical knowledge concerning all that has to do with kidneys,dialysis transplant,medication etc...
If I'm lucky enough to find such a volunteer,I would like you to work on the General Info page.
That holds in,that you will have to update us with all the new developments in Kidney/Transplant-world,alert us when some articles of interest appear in certain magazines,and if you happen to have enough time simply complete the page which lacks a whole lot of relevant information for the moment.The big advantage here is that you are not on a schedule although I will expect to hear something from you,there are no fix times and dates.You'll work on this web site when it suits YOU.

D)An Expert in H'alacha(Jewish Law)
You will have to check out the H'alacha Questions page and see if you can bring responses to some of them.Since I don't expect that page to be updated very often,it's really enough if you check out the page once or twice a month.You will however have to email me first since that page is not self-operating.

E)Someone with Web Design Skills
I would like this web page to have a more professional look.
So if you know something about graphics,DHTML,Java,or Flash/Shockwave,then your help is really needed.

If would like to have this page available in several languages for some of the patients that might have difficulties in English.
These are the languages for which I require a translator,I do however warn potential volunteers that this task is going to take a sizeable amount of time.

  • French(Francais)
  • Dutch(Nederlands)
  • Hebrew(Ivrit)

Or if you want to suggest a different one,just email me !