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text from Artscroll
Psalms are the 150 poems which praise, beseech, thank, or
express intense fear and love for G-d.
King David&aposs famous harp

Both in times of trouble and in moments of ecstasy,critical junctures when strength and heightened stature must prevail,the Tehillim has always been the companion and good friend of the Jew. Jews for centuries have turned to this book,a holy book about which H'Ashem relayed to David Hamelech(The King)the following:"One day of your praises & songs is more precious than thousands of offerings your son King Solomon will bring". This is the book that all Jews can turn to uplift the Jewish mind and spirit daily as well as in times of illness and calamity.

I f you or a family member or even a friend need a R'efouoh S'heleimoh please don't hesitate to add yourself or you loved-one to our list.The problem of the person listed doesn't not have to be related to a kidney cause.Everyone who needs help from Above concerning a health situation is urged to add his/her name on the list,I can't guarantee that it will help,but I'm convinced that it cannot harm.
You can remain anonymous if you wish,for your name is not required,however your Jewish name will be needed.
If you wish you may give a small description of your problem but that is absolutely not a requirement,in fact I discourage you to do so,because I think that preserving everyone's privacy is top priority here.If you have further questions or if you have a suggestion as to improve this page and it's system please

List of people who need a Y'eshouah(redemption)


Name Description of problem
Leah bas Raaeesah woman who needs a refuah shlaimah and Yiras H'Ashem
Leah Devora bat Chaya needs a refuah shlaimah
Hadassah Hendel bas Baila needs a refuah shleimah
Menachem Mendel ben Henna needs a refuah shleimah
Rivka Leah bat Etta Feiga Needs a Refouah Sheleimah
Yehuda Aryeh Leib ben Aliza Chana Needs a Good Kidney and a Rafouah Shelemah
Zvi ben Pessiah Needs a Refouah Shelemah
Miriam Bas Yentel awaiting 2nd Kidney Mother of Three
Chava Pesha bas Valarie Needs H'atslochoh

I f you feel you want to volunteer for saying Tehillim for the people on the list,you have to be ready to commit yourself to recite K'apitlers(Psalms)minimum once a week,of course if you can commit for more that's even better.Just remember that if people will ask to be added to the Tehillim list that's probably because they need it,and I would not want them to think for e.g that 10 people are D'avening(praying) for them while in actuality it's really only 5 people.

There a some K'apitlers that are specifically for asking for a R'efuah(Healing):
K'apitlers:6,30,41,88 and103

To volunteer
email me right now and a Heartfelt thank you for your desire to D'aven for others.
List Of Volunteers


Dov ben Jaim
Suzanne Schwartz and her daughter
Zippy Kahan
Manhattan Day School (Yeshiva Ohr Torah). 4th grade girls.