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The General section is for new patients who might be interested in the more technical aspects of the problem.
This information retrievable on these sites are a mix of my personnel knowledge,acquired during the 12 years I had to deal with kidney problems,a failed transplantation and a dozens of complications in between,and information from more professional sources.
As always input from you ,visitors, is imperative so that this page achieves it's purpose.If you're a Doctor or an(ex)patient who notices a misinformation or a plain untruth corrections would be greatly appreciated,but I'd also like to see contributions in general.If you feel like there's important information missing,or if there's a particular area in which you have a lot of experience,share it with others,it'll be added at the very next update.
It's really easy all you have to do is put in writing what you want me to add/change and email it to me.
Please always mention if you want your name added to the information you provide or rather not.
I would love to compile a collection of short biographies of all the people who contribute to these pages so it would be great if you would agree to step out of anonymity.It would be especially interesting in context of how/why you reached this particular web site.

Feel free to email me at any time with questions and suggestions.
Rest me to thank all future contributors.